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How to start

first post: pfrcks wrote: hey man can you give me a basic ground as to how to start

latest post: spyunderwear wrote: I'm looking to port the source to Qt or other cross development IDE...

Qt comes with a function bittorrent client example, that's a big fat win!

first post: spyunderwear wrote: did i mention cross-platform. shame on them for making this so much...

latest post: spyunderwear wrote: well, the Qt bittorrent client runs, but does not download, it has ...

Stay tuned for the Boinc project , just kidding, maybe just straight up Hadoop.

first post: spyunderwear wrote: Looking for dramatic responses.

Porting a platform specific program is insane. Hats off to platform independent coding.

first post: spyunderwear wrote: Very first step might be profiling the application on it's native p...

libtorrent windows

first post: spyunderwear wrote: exploring snip something?

How hard can it be to port this small gui-less program to windows?

first post: spyunderwear wrote: referring to the phydht directory, that BTIPgatherer is not needed.

candid word to the wise, i'm just learning c++

first post: spyunderwear wrote: i'm not here to get free training. the initial goal is to develop a...

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